Mason High School Senior - Cincinnati high school senior portrait photography

I photographed Ally's brother when he was a senior at Mason High School. This year it was Ally's turn. She is a member of the Mason High School class of 2017.  Ally is in the color guard at school and is interested in becoming a biomedical engineer. We met at Sharon Woods Park and had a great time in spite of the heat. Here are her favorites.


High school senior session album. Class of 2016 Seven Hills High School Cincinnati Ohio

I photographed Kelly both in the studio and at Spring Grove Arboretum. We had more great photos than we knew what to do with. A session album was the perfect product for enjoying so many great shots. I like to shoot with a session album in mind. I want to tell a story that will become a treasured family heirloom. I insist on using quality papers, printing and covers that will stand the test of time. Kelly and her mom chose a lavender linen cover for her 8x8 senior album. Here is what the final layout looked like.

Cincinnati High School senior portrait Country Day High School

    Photographing high school seniors fills me with optimism for the future. These young men and women are hardworking, socially conscious individuals. We are in good hands when this generation starts contributing to society. Many of them already are! Astrid is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. It was still early spring when we took these photos and the trees were still mostly bare so I knew the studio would be our best option.I love shooting in the studio because the lighting is beautiful and easy to control. I also have a room in my home studio that has windows on three sides and gives me a light airy look to my portraits. I generally choose my background based on the clothing my subject is wearing. I always choose light first. Light first - background second. I feel like i am cheating when I photograph someone as beautiful as Astrid! Congratulations Astrid! Class of 2016





9 month baby portrait

This is my second session with Rorie since he came into the world. I like to do 3 sessions during a child's first year. The newborn stage is best during the first 10 days when babies are still floppy and they sleepy. I prefer to go to my clients home for this session. It can be so much work to take a newborn on an outing, especially if its your first! I like to do the 2nd session when the baby is sitting up but not yet crawling. This is one of my favorite sessions. Babies between 6 and 9 months are smiley and fun. Most of them do not like to sit in the grass. Rorie was not exception as you can tell by the one photo of him crying in the grass. The 3rd photo shoot should be done near the first birthday. It is always a good idea to get mom and dad and siblings in on at least one of these milestone sessons. I love to create session albums and wall collages that tell the story of the first year of life.


Flashes of Hope

This is by far the most rewarding thing I do all year. Mark Bealer, Vicki Daniels and I are chapter directors for the local chapter of Flashes of Hope . Every month we go to Cincinnati Children's Hospital and photograph children with life threatening illness. We often bring a team of hair and makeup artists.  Each month we have a different volunteer photographer. White House Custom Color donates the printing for every chapter in the country of which there are many. This team of volunteers brings a bright spot into the lives of people facing the greatest challenge of their lives. This is a celebration of family, hope and love. It helps to keep things in perspective for me. This was a special sesson scheduled the evening before Brittany's surgery. She has so much support in her life. I was happy to be a part of it.

Indian Hill High School senior class of 2016

Congratulations Anna Marie!  I love making photographs at Eden Park. We took these during my favorite time of day, the "golden hour". The best light for portraits is 2 hours before the sun goes down.  That means in the summer I can shoot outside as late as 7 PM. Spending time getting to know young people about to graduate high school fills me with optimism. They are bright, engaged and conscious individuals destined for great things.


Creating wall collages

This family is a perennial favorite. We always update their portraits in the fall and create a canvas wrap wall collage.  I just delivered the most recent one to add to the collection going up the stairs in their home. I can't wait till next year! We will have to include the dog next time.