One year portrait Cincinnati children's portrait photographe

This is my second photo shoot with this angel. She just turned one. Her father taught my son chemistry at Walnut Hills High School. He is one of the best teachers my kids ever had! Pink is always a great choice for little girls. She was very active so we kept changing things up to keep her intersted. We took pictures in the studio as well as in my sun room with natural light. When she got restless we gave her a book to read or some cheerios to munch on. Many of these photos had cheerios in them before I retouched them out but I kept them in the photo where she is wearing the red pants. I love her in the pink pettiskirt and in the tub. In the photo where she is clapping her musical sticks together she is showing off what she learned in Miss Amanda's Music Garden Happy Birthday !!!


Spring Fashion from Sweetie Pies

Who doesn't have at least a dozen t-shirts they don't wear but can't stand to part with because they are sentimental? B.j. McHugh can recycle them for you and create a modern skirt or shirt for you. All of the clothes shown here are made from recycled t-shirts, even the scrunchie! These models were so much fun. The younger kids were "workin' it".  They kept us laughing the whole time. Check out for adorable children's and now adult


Switzerland day 3:Bellinzona and Lugano

After a long and bleak winter in New York and CIncinnati Claire and I went in search of the sun on the 3rd day of our Swiss adventure. We headed towards the Italian part of Switzerland where we were promised by both guide books and a mediterranian climate complete with sunshine and temperatures close to 60 (fahrenhiet).An added incentive for choosing our destination was the rumor we heard that George Clooney has a home in Lugano. Of course I knew that George was actually back in Cincinnati wrapping up shooting for "The Ides of March" so we were not likely to run into him. When we arrived we discovered cloudy chilly conditions. By the way when we first arrived in Switzerland we purchased an 8 day Swiss rail pass for 2 - it was the best deal and included 8 days of train, bus,some lifts and boat travel as well as admission to most museums and discounts to other attractions for around $640 francs. Bellinzona has 3 castles to visit - we went to 2 of them. We climbed tons of stairs that day and walked all over the charming beautiful town. As I am sure many of you experienced the first time you traveled to the old country - I was taken by how beautifully old everything was. I have decided that if age puts such a beautiful patina onto a place why not expect that for myself as I approach the half century mark? Maybe it is possible to age gracefully. After we wore ourselves out we got back on the train and went on to Lugano. This town is a more upscale resort type area with shopping and resteraunts (and George Clooney). It is a vertical city so we continued climbing. Here we walked , people watched and ate gelato. I photographed the most unusual artichokes I have ever seen. All in all we had a wonderful day of people watching and seeing the sights.






Switzerland day 2: Zurich

Day 2 in Switzerland was Mardi Gras. Everywhere we went that week we saw confetti all over the ground. Every town must have their own Mardi Gras parade. Zurich has theirs a week later than everyone else  so as not to compete with the other events. The costumes are amazing as you can see here. I think every child in town must have nightmares afterwards!




Switzerland Day 1: Luzern

I am envious of photographers who have a talent for writing - I am not one of them. If I could just post photos on my blog that would be fine by me but for the sake of search engine optimization I have to add a few words.  I am back from my first trip to Europe. My daughter and I stayed in Zurich with my sister -in -law  who works for Coca Cola (which explains why I included a photo of a coke sign). Serena was kind enough to pick us up at the airport which saved us about a zillion francs. We then did exactly what everyone told us NOT to do; we took a nap. After our siesta Serena, her husband Scott, Claire and myself took a 45 minute train ride to Luzern.  The focal point of this town is the covered wooden 14th Century Chapel Bridge.  The bridge is decorated with paintings showing the early history of the town as well as its two patron saints. The swans on the lake you see in the photographs are said to have originated from swans given as a gift by king Louis XIV. The bike in the lake dates from the 21st century as far as I can tell. I was surprised to discover that switzerland is a dog friendly country. Dogs are permitted in stores, trains and restaurants. We walked all over this little town.We explored the outside of what I assume is a castle and visited the Lion Monument. Our day ended at a fondue restaurant. I never did get the appeal of fondue but "when in Rome"   Stay tuned for Day 2 - Mardi Gras Carnival!



I am off to Switerland tomorrow with my college senior daughter on her last spring break. We are staying in Zurich with my sister in law who works for Coca Cola. This is my first trip to Europe and I hope to bring back some cool photos which I will share after March 22nd. When I come back it better be Spring!!!

This baby portrait will make you smile: Cincinnati baby and children's portrait photographer

This baby has the most expressive face. I told his parents he out to be the next E-Trade baby. They received my first year baby package as a baby gift from some very nice friends. This is a taste from our first portrait session at 3 months of age. That means I get to see this little guy 2 more times this year; probably around 6 months of age and one year. They have a Great Dane at home. I am insisting we include the dog in the next session. That is going to be a fun one for me.