Switzerland Day 1: Luzern

I am envious of photographers who have a talent for writing - I am not one of them. If I could just post photos on my blog that would be fine by me but for the sake of search engine optimization I have to add a few words.  I am back from my first trip to Europe. My daughter and I stayed in Zurich with my sister -in -law  who works for Coca Cola (which explains why I included a photo of a coke sign). Serena was kind enough to pick us up at the airport which saved us about a zillion francs. We then did exactly what everyone told us NOT to do; we took a nap. After our siesta Serena, her husband Scott, Claire and myself took a 45 minute train ride to Luzern.  The focal point of this town is the covered wooden 14th Century Chapel Bridge.  The bridge is decorated with paintings showing the early history of the town as well as its two patron saints. The swans on the lake you see in the photographs are said to have originated from swans given as a gift by king Louis XIV. The bike in the lake dates from the 21st century as far as I can tell. I was surprised to discover that switzerland is a dog friendly country. Dogs are permitted in stores, trains and restaurants. We walked all over this little town.We explored the outside of what I assume is a castle and visited the Lion Monument. Our day ended at a fondue restaurant. I never did get the appeal of fondue but "when in Rome"   Stay tuned for Day 2 - Mardi Gras Carnival!



I am off to Switerland tomorrow with my college senior daughter on her last spring break. We are staying in Zurich with my sister in law who works for Coca Cola. This is my first trip to Europe and I hope to bring back some cool photos which I will share after March 22nd. When I come back it better be Spring!!!

This baby portrait will make you smile: Cincinnati baby and children's portrait photographer

This baby has the most expressive face. I told his parents he out to be the next E-Trade baby. They received my first year baby package as a baby gift from some very nice friends. This is a taste from our first portrait session at 3 months of age. That means I get to see this little guy 2 more times this year; probably around 6 months of age and one year. They have a Great Dane at home. I am insisting we include the dog in the next session. That is going to be a fun one for me.


Spring fashions have arrived at Castle House. Children's portraits by Helen Adams Photography in Cincinnati Ohio

Spring fashions have arrived at Castle House in Hyde Park Square. Here is a sample of some of the adorable things that you won't find anywhere else.They have the pefect clothing to complement your portrait.Check out www.castlehouse.com for special offers!. If only you could buy the curls on our model. I think the boys favorite outfit might be his diaper and his blankie




Cincinnati children's portrait photographer

Red shoes, toothless grins and funny faces. What is it about red shoes? When I was a  kid I always wanted to have a pair. The clothes these kids are wearing have such a timeless quality to them. A great choice for portraits that will hang on the wall for generations.



Cincinnati children's portrait photographer one year session

One year olds are active and happy. This guy is the youngest of three boys. He left his brothers at home. Maybe that is why he is so happy. The storyboard portraits are a great way to show a variety of portraits that tell the story of a very active toddler.



Cincinnati family and children's portrait photographer Eden Park

I photographed this family at Eden Park. The mom wanted a more urban look so we drove around until she spotted this bright orange door at a Uhaul Store. I love it when my clients challenge me to try new and "weird" stuff. She wanted all of the photos in black and white but I LOVE the color. I love the little girl's black and white outfit with its funky mix of patterns. This mom has a great eye for design and color. The clothing unifies the image without looking matchy - matchy.