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           I hate blogging! When I was younger, my New Year’s resolution was typically about exercising more and cutting out “bad” foods. As I matured, my New Year’s resolution leaned more towards becoming a better person; things like meditate every day and don’t gossip. The past few years my resolution has been to blog and to engage more in social media in an attempt to grow my business.  Here it is almost March and I have broken my resolution once again.

        Marketing and SEO experts say that search engines don’t see pictures; they see words, especially “Key” words. They say your blog posts should be at least 350 words and they better be the “right” words. I am a photographer, not a writer. Whatever happened to “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Google doesn’t agree with that old adage.  Usually when I write something,  I send it to my daughter to proof read. She is the queen of grammar and sentence structure. I have decided to quit torturing her. I am going to apologize this one and only time.  Please forgive my poor sentence structure, bad grammar and general lack of writing skills. This is simply an attempt to be seen by search engines so that I might get to do the thing I love the most, which is to photograph the fabulous families, children, babies, newborns, high school seniors and professional head shots in the greater Cincinnati area.

OK, so my post is well short of the 350 suggested word minimum and probably does not contain the proper key words in the correct amounts. Not to mention that no one ever reads this stuff anyway! They just look at the pictures! But at least I am on my way to keeping my New Year’s Resolution albeit 2 months late. Next time I am going for words AND photos.

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