My favorite bridal portrait ever!

    This photo session was one of the highlights of my year. Carol has been married for 37 years. In 2017 her daughter and her son both married. They would all be together at Christmas time and Carol wanted a portrait of herself with her daughter and her new daughter in law all wearing their wedding dresses. I immediately fell in love with the idea!

     Carol had a bouquet made for each of them mimicking the colors from each wedding. I thought it was pretty amazing that Carol can still wear her wedding dress after so many years. Her daughter however had a bit of a challenge fitting into hers. When she came out of the dressing room she turned her back to me and showed me the safety pins used to make the dress a bit wider in the waist. It turns out she surprised her family at Christmas by announcing that she is expecting her first baby!

      We took photos in the studio as well as in my front hallway on the grand staircase. The love they share was obvious during the photo session. When Carol picked up her proofs she teared up and talked about how grateful she is to have such wonderful women in her life. We talked about family and photography and a bunch of other stuff. Carol loves photography and travels around the world with her camera. She is curious about everything and never stops learning and she is filled with gratitude about her life every day. I want to be her when I grow up!

    Here are my favorite photos from that day. I knew these portraits would make beautiful paintings so I played around with one of them and the result is posted here as well.  I am providing my clients more paintings and creatively edited versions of my portraits every year. These works of art beautifully enhance your home décor and become family heirlooms.




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