Senior portrait - a true collaboration between the photographer and the subject (who also happens to be an artist)

This was one of my favorite most inspiring senior portrait sessions of the year. Jacob is super talented. He plays the guitar, the piano and percussion. Not only does he excel in music, but he is also an academic star. We started our photo session at The Church of The Redeemer in Hyde Park so we could use their beautiful grand piano. The courtyard there has gorgeous architecture and plantings. As storm clouds starting moving in we rushed outside to get some quick shots. Jacobs mom had the great idea of having him straddle the water feature and taking a “long” shot. I immediately noticed his reflection in the water and I knew I had a great shot.

As we began to dodge raindrops, Jacob expressed his disappointment that we wouldn’t be able to go to Ault Park and shoot during the golden hour (his words). I was so excited by his enthusiasm that I agreed to reschedule for another day. We met at Ault Park as the sun was lowering in the sky and took a bunch more photos.

Jacob’s creative insight led to a true collaboration between the photographer and the subject. He is off to Berklee College of Music next year. I told him when he cuts his first album I want dibs on shooting the cover art!


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