Welcome to the world William! Cincinnati Newborn photographer

Having a newborn baby is like falling in love all over again. Babies are mesmerizing. I love the way they smell, the softness of the top of their head and the little sounds they make. William even gave me a few of those smiles unique to brand new babies.

 The best time to photograph your new baby is within the first 10 days of life when they are super floppy and you can almost fold them in half. William came early while I was still on vacation so I missed the first few weeks but he was perfect! I always give me clients the choice of doing the first session at home as bringing a baby to my studio can be a ton of work.I like my newborn photos to have a natural organic look. I am not a big fan of a bunch of overwhelmiing props that will look dated in 10  years, although I do love to incude meaningful personal items.

 Emily and Nick purchased my first year baby package which includes 3 sessions during the first year of life. Typically the first session is done as soon as possible after the birth. The second session is best when the baby is sitting up but not crawling, and the 3rd session is done around the child’s first birthday. This package is a great deal and offers tons of discounts on birth announcements, prints and albums. My goal is to hook you for life!

 I have been around long enough now that I am now photographing the next generation of troublemakers for the families I have come to know and love. Here are my favorites of Williams’s first photo shoot.


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